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Thursday, May 6, 2021

Our Custom Solution Platforms

Released - Project Codename Priam v1.0 for Customizing and Securing Business Web Application
(Released Date: June 6, 2009) Introducing Project Codename Priam v1.0 for Electronic Documents management. A unique set of library controls for digitally imprinting documents with electronic signatures and/or pin. The first project to be included in SMAG Document Technology platform, Priam v1.0 uses a proven business process built into its powerful feature set to support standards for Electronic Medical Record (EMR), Personnel Recordkeeping, Legal Documents, Education Records, and others.

Released - Project Codename Ariel version 3.5 with Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Technologies
Project Codename Ariel 3.5 (Released Date: June 6, 2009) With a new set of improved security library and interface controls, Ariel v3.5 built on Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 adds new set of features to an existing proven technology platform, SMAG Web Technology (Ariel v2.0, Juliett v2.0 and Silius v2.0). Building a Secure Client Portal on this platform delivers the ultimate user experience on your website by adding powerful new ways to interact with them securely online.

Released - Project Codename JULIETT version 2.0 with AJAX Technologies
(Released Date: August, 2007) An Essential platform for ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems with built-in modules of common technologies for asset management systems. With previous versions currently serving as the foundation of several Custom Built business systems, this release responds to the continued innovations used on the Internet today.

Released - Project Codename SILIUS version 2.0 with AJAX Technologies
(Released Date: July, 2007) A new and improved set of website technologies that provide a secure interaction of Business Processes using the Internet. For more information, please contact

Silius Released - Project Codename SILIUS version 1.0
(Released Date: March, 2007) A Business Logic Document Authoring Framework built with XML and Microsoft .Net Framework Technologies. Applications delivered using this Framework include a custom designed Web Application for authoring, organizing and managing Investigative background reports and a custom designed Windows Form Client for authoring, organizing and searching Legal/Technical keywords within a Personnel Benefits Management system.

SMAG Media (Modified: March, 2007) is a member of the Microsoft Empower for ISVs through the Microsoft Partner Program. Project Codename SILIUS was developed using Smart Client technologies proven by "patterns & practices" and the following technologies were used:

  • Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0
  • XML Web Services
  • Smart Client - Composite UI Application Block
  • Enterprise Library for .Net 2.0
  • ASP.NET, Visual C#, Visual Basic
  • Microsoft SQL 2005 and SQL Reporting Services

For more information, please contact or General Contact.

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